Monday, 23 July 2012

Witness the wetness

A friend asked me the other day "When do you update your blog?" 

I replied, "when something interesting happens!" 

...Hence the long period of non writing, because of exactly that, not much interesting has happened recently! This is largely down the brilliance that is the British summer which has left many in search of sunny destinations with pristine lines, scenic views and top class banter. I on the other hand retreated for a period of "rehab" with no climbing within a 60 mile radius and a miserable British coast line. However I had a plan.

For some months now I'v had a feeling of defeat in my climbing. For months at a time I would religiously cycle to The TCA in Bristol from my uni accommodation and train for about 3-4 hours a night, EVERY NIGHT. But still nothing I couldn't do the problems that I couldn't do originally and I wasn't seeing much progress in any of my climbing at all. Still just about managing the odd 7b/+ and when the steaks got really high managed to bash out an E4 on-sight. But that was it. I hadn't seen improvement because I hadn't tried anything really apart from the problems indoors so I had to reassess my strategy.

First thing I realised that I hadn't actually rested properly in about 3 months. Even on apparent "rest days" I was still cycling 15-20 miles in the evenings or destroying the last of my Uni work in record quick time. Which was all taking it out of me. I didn't feel good, I felt drained after my warm up in the gym and unmotivated. Something needed to be done.

So I backed my bags and headed back to the homeland in order for some actually climbing outside but firstly rest! So after a week or so of not climbing It was time to head to the moors for some granite pulling. My mate Cooper a little while ago stepped up to The Wave (V6) on Bone hill and sent it in a couple of goes. Livid that I couldn't even pull on I thought it would never happen. Time and time again I found myself stood under the same poor start hold and the ever looming monkey. It had got the point where I considered not going to Bone hill ever again! This time was different. A nice windy afternoon me a Coops hit it up and again I said it to her it wouldn't happen. Much to my surprise 2 goes later I had a good grip on the "dogs dick" last hold and was on the top! Amazed that resting had worked!

However the weather had its way and things got a little tropical so I found myself miles away from any rock in a pursuit of some fitness. With most of the cliffs around me being made up of cream cheese and various pastes they use in subways my grandparents resort is the definition of anti climb. Thus the running shoes have been my best friend during the last couple of weeks with my general fitness improving slowly but surely. So hopefully with this new found fitness I'm hoping that next weekend when I can finally get back on it my ready rested tendons and full skin I'll be able to start climbing ard. And if not at first I'm hoping that in a month or two I should be writing about some hard core success!

Either that or I'll be swinging from the shower curtain...

Cheers all