Thursday, 12 January 2012

Christmas and the New Year

After a long period of problems with internet and various exams and coursework deadlines along with all the feasting I've finally been able to set aside a couple hour to update my blog!

Since my term at uni finished I have had may fair share of relaxation time and overindulgence. Coupled with a better thumb I could focus on an all out siege of climbing as soon as I got back into the shire. It was time to crush. Or so I hoped. The main plan was to come back and crack out Avenged at Anstey's cove with my main bru Adam the best dressed man this side of the equator Farney and steevvvvaaannnnsss. However the weather for pretty much the whole time I was back was not on our side but still not was all lost and a couple of attempts where to be had!

Throughout my first term at Uni I had had the plan of improving my power and general bouldering strength as it is  huge weakness for myself! That and the fact I cant stick at it long enough and end up lapping circuits instead. This was the main thing that was stopping me pulling through the crux on Avenged so hoping that my efforts had paid off we set to work. To put you out of any suspense (if there has been any created) I didn't happen. The day where I felt strongest a crucial crimper was wet and every time I tried pulling off of it I popped straight off of it. Annoying yes but in isolation the crux went pretty well so the bouldering must have paid off! But I will have yee yet but it will have to wait until next time I'm back!

A very filling Christmas Dinner
What I love about Christmas though is the eating incredible amounts of food and chocolate and not even worry about the consequences! But the best part of the food is definitely the roast dinners! Every year since we were (thankfully) converted out of vegetarianism and nut roast <It is a real thing, Mum has cooked a mean roast with all the trimmings which always takes the best part of half a day to cook and about 30 minutes to guzzle down! But if have grandparents like mine you can expect another two to follow on consecutive days! But this year I had the added bonus of dining with Miss Rumbelow and Stevaaaannnsss (aka Maxine Hodges) and co at the very posh bath residence. It was an excellent meal but the best part was definitely the I peeled the potato's

All in all Christmas and New Year was a great laugh and even though the novelty has worn off slightly from when I was 12 its still and fab time to get mildly drunk and generally relax. Oooh and of course being back in Chudleigh I has the added bonus of going to the hole everyday for about a week much to the dismay to my fingertips and the bouldering mat.

After a cold dip in the sea for the boys on New Years day I stood on the beach and reflected on the year that had passed and the goals that I had fulfilled and not quite managed. These including Leading two E6's (whoremoans and  Obstreperous Both at Chudleigh) onsighting fairly consistently at E4 ish range. Climbing 7c sport and bouldering V6. All of which I am extremely pleased with but this year the idea is to push these up again. I've got a couple of routes in mind and also a possible new line (possible) which need to be had I think. But generally I couple love to have climbed at least 5 more E5's and E6's and maybe a couple of E7's if my testicles are big enough! Along with this I'm hoping to crack that 7c limit and push on into the 8's soon as but that's me being optimistic so we will see! With optimism my resolution this year is NOT TO DRINK. For a student I'm doing pretty well 12 days in. Lets see how long that lasts

Happy new year to all anyway and hope you all have a brilliant 2012 even if the world does end. Looks like you all better get on it fast!!!

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