Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Comp Time

These last couple of weeks have been uber productive for me on the climbing front! I (finally) got a member ship at The Climbing Academy in Bristol for some much needed power and strength training. This has been going pretty well but has also become a bit of an addiction. I seem to find myself there most evenings gurning around the orange problems with little success and a lot of effort. However this is good because A, my power is ridiculously poor and B and not actually much of a fan of bouldering but it seems to have me hooked in the challenge!

With my new found habit I thought it be about time to put my skills to the test in one of the competitions that was being held there. Seeing as I hate competition with a passion I thought it was high time to conquer this fear and give it my best shot. There were 20 problems from all across the grade in an onsight format giving the added pressure of doing well first go without making any stupid mistakes.

All went well in the end and earned a respectable score of 958/1000 which is pretty decent result considering I'm a major waddy wad kins when it comes to comps and bouldering. But the main reason for going was to see where my current performance is at at the moment and from here what to do to improve.

Goal setting is a real issue of mine, I always seem to be able to have something in mind work towards and I focus on that until its done. Once that's happened it takes me bloody yonks to re accept another challenge and I think that's my main downfall when it comes to pushing my grade.

With goals in mind its about a month until the British University and Collage Sports (BUCS) competition so the plan is to get strong as an ox and hopefully throw so moves on the day! In the mean time I am working towards a fairly nails 7b monster circuit at the tca. I've only seen hand full of people do parts of it and it seems to be a huge stamina outing! I got in about two parts at the moment but I've got quite a way to and I think its about time I started  using my feet again!

Anyway the wall calls for some more Beasting cheers all


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